[Koha] Problem with printing barcodes

Chris Nighswonger cnighswonger at foundations.edu
Sat Mar 5 11:20:08 NZDT 2011

Hi Margaret,

2011/3/4 Margaret Matthews <mamatthews at hughes.net>

>  Hello,
> I am new to KOHA, using it in a very small rural school (valentineisd.com)
> in the high desert mountains of Southwest Texas, USA.

Its always nice to hear of another library using Koha! Welcome to the

>  I have a problem with printing barcodes and need some help please.
> I cannot get the call number to print on the barcodes and many times when I
> go to print the barcodes I export to a pdf file and then when I try to open
> it the following comment is made "there was an error opening this document.
> The file is damaged and could not be reapired."  I have tried running
> barcodes on three different computers and three different printers and I get
> the same results.  Any ideas as to what I am doing wrong in both of these
> cases?  Thank you in advance.
> Please open one of the PDF's in a plain text editor (Notepad should work if
> you are using Windows). If you look over the contents, you will most likely
> find an error message. Post that message back here.

Kind Regards,
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