[Koha] HELP!!! Need RFP specifications

Buster storypage at gmail.com
Fri Mar 4 04:25:54 NZDT 2011

Good morning, y'all.

We are currently working on selecting a new ILS for our library to replace
our Dinosaur Dynix system and are leaning heavily toward Koha. I am not
nearly tech savvy enough to migrate and install it myself so we will
definitely need a good vendor to handle that for us. Because of the
limitations of our particular jurisdiction, we will need to do a Request For
Proposals and go through a bidding process. My problem is I have been asked
to come up with the specifications for our RFP and have no clue where to

It occurred to me to draw on this Brain Trust and ask my fellow US systems
folks on here for assistance. Why "reinvent the wheel", as the cliche' goes.

So, if it isn't too much trouble and doesn't violate your system's
confidentiality, would some of you mind forwarding to my private email
(storypage at gmail.com) any specifications and/or RFPs you used when you
switched to Koha? It would save me an awful lot of work and headaches.
Alternately, could you give me a few hints on how to get started? We are
primarily looking at contracting out server setup, migration, training and

We will no doubt have very different needs from yours, but it will at least
give me a starting point and some ideas.

Thanks from the clueless,
--Jim Maroon


"The man, who, by his own and his family's labour, can provide a sufficiency
of food and raiment and a comfortable dwelling place, is not a poor
man."--William Cobbett,
*Cottage Economy*, 1826.
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