[Koha] cron jobs under Debian koha-common & koha-create

Robin Sheat robin at catalyst.net.nz
Thu Mar 3 12:33:41 NZDT 2011

hansbkk at gmail.com schreef op wo 02-03-2011 om 21:13 [+0700]:
> After setting Authorities, I checked the system preferences'
> "dontmerge" and I saw the note about "ask your administrator to enable
> the merge_authorities.pl cronjob" (I wish I had an administrator 8-)

I don't think that the packages enable that task. It's probably
something they should do.

> I haven't messed with cron for a while, so I'll be brushing up, but I
> see the /etc/cron.d/koha-common takes care of the Zebra indexing - I
> just can't figure out how it handles the multiple instances (isn't it
> supposed to be running as the kohauser in each case?

It runs everything through koha-foreach, which basically runs a command
multiple times with the environment set up for each instance.

> If I want to add other cronjobs, should I just add to that file, or
> should I set up a "normal" crontab for root?

I'd be inclined to create another file in cron.d/daily/hourly as
appropriate that's written in the same style as the others, just because
that'll make updates easier.

> Should I copy over lines from koha's crontab.example (less the
> duplicated zebra one of course)?

They're pretty much all there already.

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