[Koha] Why Koha?

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Wed Mar 2 03:17:55 NZDT 2011

Hello, group. My system is currently evaluating both Koha and Evergreen as
our open source alternatives. We are installing both on computers here in
our library in order to test them out, visiting other libraries, reading
this list as well as the one for Evergreen, and speaking to other librarians
using one of these systems.

It occurred to me that it might useful to know why other library system
chose one system over the other.

So, why did you choose Koha over Evergreen, and are you happy with your
choice? Was it a difficult decision?

I have to say that I'm presently more impressed with Koha, but haven't taken
quite as close a look at Evergreen. I'm also very impressed with the
knowledge and helpfulness of this community, a huge selling point for me

You may write to me off-list if you are more comfortable with that.

Thanks in advance,
--Jim Maroon

storypage at gmail.com


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