Ashok Gangurde ashokg9696 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 2 01:00:08 NZDT 2011

Dear All

Anyone having PPT on koha OPAC?
How to use opac, from user oriented,
It is very useful to all new users

Kindly mail me

I am using Koha version:
 I did a bulk data uplod in koha but some title shows that no *item
available *
*How i resolve this problem*
*for example*
 42. Fully Refrigerated LPG Carriers
<>by Harris
Syd <>
Publication: London Witherby & CO. Ltd. 2004 . 314 Date:2004 Availability: No
items available: Actions: Save to
to Cart<,phr:BOOK&offset=40&sort_by=relevance#>

Thanking you
Ashok G
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