[Koha] bulk BiblioAddsAuthorities?

Peter Huerter pete.huerter at gmail.com
Tue Mar 1 04:52:28 NZDT 2011

Thanks Elaine.  I'm still having trouble getting my auth records to link with
my biblio records.

Our process is this:
1) Import biblios into koha (without any authority information).

2) Take a dedup't list of authors in a CSV file, and run it through MarcEdit
to create a compiled .mrc file of authorities.  (I also add 040 info here,
and define my own LDR, and 008 but nothing else)

.csv file:
Zumwalt, Elmo R. Jr
Zimmerman, Linda

.mrk file:
=LDR  00000nz  a2200000o  4500
=008  110225000000|||a||||aa|||||||||||||||||d||||||
=100  \\$aZumwalt, Elmo R. Jr

=LDR  00000nz  a2200000o  4500
=008  110225000000|||a||||aa|||||||||||||||||d||||||
=100  \\$aZimmerman, Linda

3) Import the compiled authority list into Koha using bulkmarcimport, and
re-index Zebra.
perl bulkmarcimport.pl -a -file /home/paul/first_authorities2.mrc
-match=pn,100a -v 2
perl rebuild_zebra.pl -a -r -v

4) Run the linking script.
perl /usr/share/koha/bin/link_bibs_to_authorities.pl --verbose

The authority records are successfully imported into Koha (I can do an
authority search and find them), but each search result report that 0
biblios are linked with "this" authority.

The linking script appears to do the opposite of what we want.  It actually
removes authority links that are already present (I added an authority
before running the linking script.  I'm able to add the link by editing a
given biblio in Koha.  Koha adds it automatically - See my original post on
this thread).  Existing links are gone (reporting "0 biblios"), and no new
links are added.

I am using the following LDR, and 008 fields:

00000nz  a2200000o  4500


(I'm sure there are bibs to be linked with these authorities.)

Any ideas?  Do you use MarcEdit?  Would you be able to provide a sample MARC
record for one of your authorities please?

Thanks again,

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