[Koha] Suppress biblios

Vitor Fernandes vitorfernandes87 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 29 05:53:51 NZDT 2011

Hi there.

After some research, I saw that I can suppress biblios to show on OPAC
by set OPACSuppression to "hide" and having at least one biblio record
with the field 942$n with the value 1.

I'm using UNIMARC which doesn't have the field 942$n, so i've created
it with the default value 0.
Then I've created one biblio record, where the field 942$n was changed to 1.

The cronjob to rebuild zebra is working fine, so after its run I've
done the search for the biblio record.
As expected the biblio record shows in the intranet, but when I've
tried in the OPAC the search simply didn't work for any word...

I've read that the Zebra must do suppress index, but how I can
activate it? I'm doing something wrong? For example UNIMARC field for
suppress can be another field than 942$n?

Vitor Fernandes

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