[Koha] skipping versions

Chris Nighswonger cnighswonger at foundations.edu
Sun Jan 16 15:58:25 NZDT 2011

Hi Jay,

2011/1/15 Jay Brooks <jhbrooks at comcast.net>:
> Hi all,
> I'm new to Koha and have very little "command line" OS experience. Uh oh!
> Thankfully, I have a friend who's great at this stuff.

Lot's of folks on Koha have started at that same point and still had
great success, so press on!


> My question now is will a Koha 3.0 (3.1?)
> database work fine with version 3.2? Or is it necessary to upgrade the
> existing system to 3.2 before attempting to migrate the data?

First: Make a back of your current db *before* doing any sort of
upgrade/migration activity.

Then: If you install the latest maintenance release of 3.2 and point
it to your existing 3.0 db, it should handle the upgrade fine.

If you run into any issues, post them here, and we'll see if we can be of help.

Kind Regards,

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