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Wed Feb 2 09:48:55 NZDT 2011

A few sample libraries, and library categories, including examples of
the hardcoded types, CU, IS, PE.

I've looked through the table structures immediately following the
install, and although I do find the sample libraries, I don't see any
such categories.

Any clarification as to what "library categories" are would be
appreciated; I'm guessing the term's been replaced with library
"groups". If so, there aren't any sample groups imported during the
install, and if all this is true I'd suggest this install screen text
be corrected.

Moving on to documentation issues, the section on libraries and groups here

 isn't clear on what the "properties" type of group could be used for.

My understanding from googling is that there isn't any such use coded
in Koha itself, but (I'm speculating here) it should be possible to
use them as SELECT criteria for custom reports. If the above is true,
perhaps a statement similar to the preceding sentence would be worth
adding to the docs.

I realize this is an outdated site, but this particular page does have
some useful information that isn't in the official one:

Please let me know if there is a more suitable location/method for
posting these types of suggestion.

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