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ksckemperman at chartermi.net ksckemperman at chartermi.net
Thu Feb 24 06:08:25 NZDT 2011

Thank you, Nicole.  That worked to report the book title, but I am still 
getting every book ever checked out on the report.  Any thoughts on how 
to get only books *currently* checked out?

On Wed, Feb 23, 2011 at 11:20 AM, Nicole Engard wrote:

> The report you shared was looking for collectiontitle and not book
> title.  So try this:
> borrowers.categorycode,borrowers.borrowernumber,borrowers.surname,borrowers.firstname,biblio.title,items.barcode,items.datelastborrowed
> FROM borrowers LEFT JOIN statistics on
> (statistics.borrowernumber=borrowers.borrowernumber) LEFT JOIN items
> on (items.itemnumber = statistics.itemnumber) LEFT JOIN biblio on
> (biblio.biblionumber = items.biblionumber)   WHERE
> borrowers.categorycode='3RD'
> As for clearing a patron's record there is a the anonymizer tool - but
> I've heard mixed reviews of how it works.
> Nicole
> 2011/2/23  <ksckemperman at chartermi.net>:
>> I am *trying* to create some reports for teacher/library use. What I 
>> need is
>> a report that will list for each teacher the students names and the 
>> book(s)
>> they have checked out today.  I'd like it to read something like 
>> this:
>> borrower category, borrower #, surname, first name, title of book, 
>> barcode,
>> date checked out
>> I have written this report, which is getting close to what I want, 
>> but the
>> title of the book is not coming up (do I have the wrong value for 
>> that
>> column?) and instead of reporting just the books that are currently 
>> checked
>> out, the report lists every book in that student's history.  Can 
>> someone
>> help me to correct it?   I am using the build new reports function 
>> because I
>> don't really understand the whole SQL thing  :)
>> borrowers.categorycode,borrowers.borrowernumber,borrowers.surname,borrowers.firstname,biblioitems.collectiontitle,items.barcode,items.datelastborrowed
>> FROM borrowers LEFT JOIN statistics on
>> (statistics.borrowernumber=borrowers.borrowernumber) LEFT JOIN items 
>> on
>> (items.itemnumber = statistics.itemnumber) LEFT JOIN biblioitems on
>> (biblioitems.biblioitemnumber = items.biblioitemnumber)   WHERE
>> borrowers.categorycode='3RD'
>> 2nd question - how do I clear a patron's circulation history?  I have 
>> been
>> using my daughter's # to practice/test different functions and now 
>> she has a
>> history that is not accurate.
>> Thank you,
>> Shelley
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