[Koha] Koha 3.2.4 is now available

Robin Sheat robin at catalyst.net.nz
Wed Feb 23 11:06:03 NZDT 2011

hansbkk at gmail.com schreef op wo 23-02-2011 om 00:41 [+0700]:
> Of course I don't expect it to be updated this quickly, but is there a
> way to tell what version is available in the two Debian repos? 

The regular squeeze one updates when there's a release. I might up date
that today, but between other work and watching the news, I make no

The squeeze-dev one updates when I remember to do it. Most of the time I
do it when a stable release comes out, and sometimes in between. I might
start trying to do it each Monday or something.

I wouldn't go from squeeze to squeeze-dev, as that'll get you stuck on
the development branch, and downgrading will probably be problematic.

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