[Koha] Batch import-updating of existing biblios

hansbkk at gmail.com hansbkk at gmail.com
Wed Feb 23 07:50:48 NZDT 2011

On Wed, Feb 23, 2011 at 1:02 AM, Liz Rea <lrea at nekls.org> wrote:
> I'm told that you can do this more easily by uploading the new record into Koha and using the 3.2 biblio merge tool to merge in the additional fields.  This should allow you to combine choosing the fields you want.

Thanks Liz. I found this, assume it applies - to the developers,
should this level of detail be reflected in the documentation? I'd be
happy to help if it's accessible - wiki?


BTW Liz I enjoyed your blog post about the Liblime vs community issues.

Finally, anyone have suggestions as to standalone MARC editor capable
of batch merging rather than one-on-one?

>>> I'm aware of biblios.net and MarcEdit so far.
>> I'm assuming bringing in whole new fields and adding new multiple-entry ones shouldn't be a problem, but I'd like to be able to specify the fields-in-common, as to which are OK to over-write vs which shouldn't be touched.

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