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Cole Hudson Cole.Hudson at hc.msu.edu
Wed Feb 23 07:40:32 NZDT 2011

My question on how to edit the comments feature has been solved.  If
interested, see below.  Thanks.



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In file "opac-details.tmpl", line 692 : 
                Comment by
                <!-- TMPL_VAR NAME="title" -->
                <!-- TMPL_VAR NAME="firstname" -->
                <!-- TMPL_VAR NAME="surname" -->

This part shows the name of the user who made the comment.
Just erase what you don't want to see.


2011/2/21 Cole Hudson

*Note: my apologies to all who have already seen this post on the koha
general list-serv*


Hi all,


I'm running Koha 3.02 on Ubuntu 10.10.  I'm trying to edit the comments
feature that displays with each record in the opac.  I'd like to edit it
where the name of the patron is not pulled from each patron record-so as
to make comments anonymous.  Could someone point me in the right
direction here on what code to edit/remove?  Thanks.


Cole Hudson

Library Assistant

MSU College of Osteopathic Medicine

Macomb University Center

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