[Koha] Batch import-updating of existing biblios

hansbkk at gmail.com hansbkk at gmail.com
Wed Feb 23 06:54:55 NZDT 2011

On Wed, Feb 23, 2011 at 12:36 AM, Wagner, Jane <jwagner at liblime.com> wrote:
> You can define matching rules on various indexed fields -- the most common
> are ISBN and ISSN.  However, what happens when you load a matching record
> is a complete replacement of the existing record.  It's not an "overlay"
> in the sense of keeping whatever fields are now present and adding new
> ones.  Koha does not presently have that capability.

Thanks for the clarification - I assume you mean not only in batch
mode, but even one at a time


So it seems I need to export my biblios merge/overlay the new data
with an external MARC editor and then re-import. The silver lining is
the certainty of having reliable matching data (most of my biblios
have neither ISBN nor ISSN).

So the question remains as to editor suggestions, especially if one is
available that does handle batch updates; although if one is
particularly good at one-at-a-time merging that's valuable information
as well.

> I'm aware of biblios.net and MarcEdit so far.

I'm assuming bringing in whole new fields and adding new
multiple-entry ones shouldn't be a problem, but I'd like to be able to
specify the fields-in-common, as to which are OK to over-write vs
which shouldn't be touched.

> -----Original Message-----
> Say I have a set of biblio records that are just the way I want them,
> in the sense of the accuracy of the existing data in the currently
> populated fields.
> And I would like to "add value" to them later on - say I find a MARC
> source that assigns subject headings in a way that I like, or adds
> links to cover images, etc. looking to selectively overlay/insert a
> subset of the new records into my existing ones.
> How does Koha handle this?

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