[Koha] Patron Card Creator

Vitor Fernandes vitorfernandes87 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 23 03:33:29 NZDT 2011

Hi there.

I'm having a little problem with the module patron card creator.
I've created a layout and a template in order to implement the patron
card needed, but i'm having a problem with the printing.

The cards most have the following dimensions: 7.7cm of width and 4.8cm
of height, which i've set up correctly in the template
Next the cards most be printed in A4 paper, so i've set up in the
template, 21cm in page width and 29.7cm of height.

The problem is that after export and print one batch with one card the
card appears too small. If I reduce the page dimensions in the card
appers in the right size.
If I export and print a batch with some cards, the cards appears too
smal and in the page change they are cut... I've tried to change the
page dimensions with no success.

So If someone can help me to configure this correctly, i'll be
thankfully... I only want to print 4.8x7.7cm cards in A4 paper without
no cuted cards on the page changes.

Vitor Fernandes.

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