[Koha] MARC for RDA

MJ Ray mjr at phonecoop.coop
Tue Feb 22 22:14:59 NZDT 2011

Kohn, Karen wrote:
> I am reading some advice on how to prepare the catalog for RDA records,
> and it suggests that I map the MARC fields 338 and 336 to display as
> 245, subfield h.  I have modified MARC frameworks in the past but don't
> know how I would make one field display as another in the OPAC.  Is
> there a way to do this?

You could make one field look like part of another in the OPAC if you're
using XSLT views by editing the XSL files in the templates

I suspect you can do it with isbd views but I have not checked.

What advice are you reading that suggests that?

Hope that helps,
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