[Koha] Checkout and other tasks takes a while

Tomas Cohen Arazi tomascohen at gmail.com
Sat Feb 19 03:49:01 NZDT 2011

2011/2/18 Thommy M. Malmström <thommy.m.malmstrom at gmail.com>:
> Well, as it is just a test there is only 6 items in it so I think it
> should fit in 2 GB.

If you don't tune your mysql it won't take advantage of your total
RAM. For instance, I'm pretty sure you're running a desktop
environment, a browser and an apache server on the same machine. You
should see with 'top' (shift+m) how much RAM mysql is using and by the
way your swap usage. Then if you use 'du' to see in /var/lib/mysql how
much disk space do your databases use (you might have other databases
too) and compare to the RAM the server is consuming.

> If I access the DB through phpMyAdmin and change say a character in a
> title in the biblio table, it takes less than 1 second. So the MySQL
> is fast from what I can tell. It actually says "Query took 0.0001
> sec". So, looks to me as if it the perl scripts, but how to tell and
> what to do?

You should cheeck the logs (koha-error.log). Are you using Linux,
right? Try disabling things like apparmor.


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