[Koha] KohaCon 2011 : The Votes Are In

MJ Ray mjr at phonecoop.coop
Sat Feb 19 00:27:01 NZDT 2011

Nicole Engard wrote: [...]
> ** Thane, India [ End October - Beginning November ] 2640+150+62+33= 2885 **

Congratulations to the bidders from Thane and thanks to Nicole for
running the vote.

> [...] PS. I recommend that we soon move on to voting for the
> location for 2012 so that we can get on top of things and conference
> planners have more time to prepare.

So... how can we win next time?  In particular, should we bid with
Weston-super-Mare or Edinburgh and are there any other pointers or
tips that people would like to pass on, on-list or privately?

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