[Koha] LibLime and Koha Community

Tom Hanstra tom at nd.edu
Fri Feb 18 03:34:59 NZDT 2011

I'm extremely new to the Koha Community and am trying to understand the 
relationship between the Koha Community developers and LibLime and its 
version of Koha.

Based upon what I have read, LibLime forked off of the primary Koha 
community some time ago.  Are the changes being developed there also 
being brought back into the open-source version of Koha?  Is everybody 
working together so that database and software functionality is 
consistent?  Or are these two versions slowly becoming more divergent 
over time?

I hope I'm not kicking a hornet's nest here.  I'm just trying to get a 
handle on how compatible these are and how to decide which version might 
best meet our local needs.

Tom Hanstra

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