[Koha] 3.2.3 Debian packaging

Robin Sheat robin at catalyst.net.nz
Thu Feb 17 09:52:16 NZDT 2011

hansbkk at gmail.com schreef op wo 16-02-2011 om 12:32 [+0700]:
> Without the -admin suffix my browser definitely brought up the "It's
> working" page from Apache. Running the " a2dissite 000-default"
> command - and not doing anything else then resulted in the koha
> maintenance notice showing up.

OK, curious. It definitely shouldn't, perhaps there's an issue in the
apache templates that makes it happen. I'll have a look when I get the

> Another couple of points, admittedly minor - it isn't 100% clear that
> the .conf file needs to be created and then the koha-create script
> run, getting it's variable values from that file. I did figure it out
> of course but the "get the values needed from the create script"
> comment did throw me for a little while, as that's not commented
> either and there are a bunch of other variables at the top that
> *don't* get set by the conf.

Ideally I'd probably like this to be a series of debconf questions, or
at least pop a default file in there. It something that I do need to
work on.

> Also, populating the default SQL script probably shouldn't be there
> for a first-run example, or at least some information on what it's for
> and the fact that it should be empty for a fresh virgin install would
> be useful.

I'm not entirely sure what you mean by this.

> All just IMO of course, whoever developed this functionality is to be
> commended and I'm very grateful. Just suggesting a couple of minor
> tweaks to make the process a little more noob-friendly. . .

Sure, it's appreciated :) there's a lot of fine-tuning that I hope to do
to this, it's just a matter of finding time. Feel free to file bugs for
any of these things that you think warrant it, it makes it less likely
that I'll forget about them.

For reference, the way we run it here on our hosted system is that we
have another package that supplies default SQL for new instances and
another SQL file for the demo instance, and it also provides cron jobs
for backups, and a standard configuration. This isn't really necessary
for smaller instances, and we mostly do it because it lets us have our
configuration in one version-controlled, packaged place.

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