[Koha] 3.1 data into 3.2 database?

Tom Hanstra tom at nd.edu
Wed Feb 16 06:51:01 NZDT 2011

I've inherited a MySQL database export from a 3.1 version of Koha. I
need to load this data into a locally hosted version of Koha.

Is there going to be a good way to load that data into a 3.2 database?
Or am I going to have to install a 3.1 version of Koha in order to load
the data and then look to upgrade the software to a 3.2 version? What
is the best way to address such a situation?

Also, might there be database changes made for minor revisions? Would I
need to get the exact version of Koha in order to load the 3.1 data or
would the last available version of 3.1 be sufficient should I need to


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