[Koha] Creative re-purposing of major fields

Wagner, Jane jwagner at liblime.com
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"Shelving location is not available for advanced search."

See a patch I submitted a year ago:


I don't think it's been incorporated into head yet.

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Sorry to be talking to myself here, but in doing some more extensive
googling, I came across this:

Thanks Joann!

And this:

These answered some of my questions - summarizing for future googlers
(list members please correct me if this is wrong)

Administrator can set an option to allow using either Collection or
Item type for the OPAC's Advanced search, but not both (enhancement
request! 8-)

Item type does determine circulation rules in effect for an item, but
its usage doesn't need to be limited to this function - can have 50
item types covered by four rules.

Shelving location is not available for advanced search.

The question remains on whether the Collection and/or Shelving
location can be assigned to items completely independently of Home
branch - I realize the latter especially is "supposed to be"
subsidiary to Branch, but since I don't need to use it for that
function, and it displays in the OPAC, can I use it for something like
Age appropriateness across locations?

On Tue, Feb 15, 2011 at 6:30 PM,  <hansbkk at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm currently using Koha to catalog a collection of mostly non-book
> at my school, many of which are stored on physical DVDs and/or online
> for download.
> I'm thinking of re-purposing some of Koha's major data fields where
their usual
> meaning isn't all that relevant to this project. For example, I plan to
> my call numbers so they are sufficient to identify the physical location
> a given branch.  This will free up "Collection" and "Shelf Location" for
> more relevant classifications.
> Before I start mapping this out, I first want to get feedback that I'm
not way
> off-track thinking this way. First question:
> I believe that the original intention was a hierarchy for physical
>  Home branch -->  Collection --> Shelving location --> Call number
> If I re-purpose these fields so that e.g. Collection is used for
> between "Disc-Data" vs "Disc-Video" vs "Disc-Mixed", is their any
remnant of the
> above original hierarchy that will cause trouble? Is Collection
> independent of Branch in the database and UI design, or is there some
> enforcement of one Collection being "contained" within a Branch?
> Same question of course with Shelving location relative to both
Collection and
> Branch - say I used this field to map to "Age Appropriateness"
> Young adult, Juvenile, Early learners). Note that the Age factor is a
> level one, while many biblios will have both a Data and a Video disc - a
> may want to borrow only one or both.
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