[Koha] Patron import

Ann Murphy amurphy at katikaticollege.school.nz
Sun Feb 13 16:17:10 NZDT 2011

Hi Everyone

Our school has installed Koha as our LIS and I think I have a handle on migrating the data. However I am 
totally failing to understand the import patron process. Can someone point me to more comprehensive instructions than the Koha manual. 
I keep getting the following error message and I don't know what it means. I should like to be able to tell our techie what is wrong (or indeed If I am doing it wrongly).
Parsing upload file *Fh::fh00001patron_import1.csv
Content-Type : text/csv
Content-Disposition : form-data; name="uploadborrowers"; filename="patron_import1.csv"
headerrow :
Error analysis:
Header row could not be parsed
We are using Koha version

Ann Murphy
amurphy at katikaticollege.school.nz

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