[Koha] transfert Database koha 1 to another database koha 2

Bob Ewart bob-ewart at bobsown.com
Tue Feb 8 11:03:49 NZDT 2011

On 02/07/2011 01:39 PM, martin caris wrote:
> Hello,
> Is it possible to transfer records from a koha database 1 to another Koha database 2 ?? In local ?
> For exemple I have my own database koha on my laptop (no server, no Internet, just Koha in localhost). 
> And in the future I'll copy this database (records) to another koha database which is newly created (without any records).
> Is this transaction possible? And how? 
> Thanks 
> Martin Caris

Yes, I do it often.

Koha needs to be created the same way on both machines, same password,
and same options.

On your laptop execute on the command line:
  mysqldump -u kohaadmin -p koha > koha.sql
Enter the password that you set up for kohaadmin.
Copy the koha.sql file to machine 2.
On machine 2 in the directory that you copied koha.sql to enter:
  mysql -u kohaadmin -p
Enter the same password
  use koha;
  source koha.sql

I have Koha on my server at home and I use that technique to copy it to
my net book when I go shopping for books.  I also use it to copy the
Koha database from a library that I'm supporting to a test bed at home
in order to test options for them.


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