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MJ Ray mjr at phonecoop.coop
Mon Feb 7 23:39:09 NZDT 2011

kazi noman wrote:
> I'm getting localhost:80 , but not getting localhost :8080 .I've installed it on 
> ubuntu.plz help me.

Hi.  Thanks for the question, but to help with that, we need a bit
more information.  You probably need to tell us:-

* Any error message (preferred) or precise problem description.

* Web address of error (if any).

* How to obtain the error, step-by-step if possible: basically, what
you did and whether any steps of INSTALL.ubuntu caused you a problem.

(This is copy-pasta which you could avoid by reading the list archives
before posting.  I see many bug reports that are missing vital info
like the above and this seems better than you getting no reply.)

Hope that helps,
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