[Koha] Cost replacement Price Doesn't Show

nico rubo n4ocin at yahoo.com.au
Mon Feb 7 13:08:04 NZDT 2011

Dear Koha,
We finally just had our version 2.8 upgraded to 3.2 last week. However, a feature (above subject) or rather field does not cooperate even given the price replacement cost instruction. The field shows 0.00 (if searched) even when a price is entered in add biblio or edit.
Please help.
SICHE Library
Solomon Islands

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   1. localhost (kazi noman)
   2. Re: Circulation checkout date incorrectly set (Bob Birchall)


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Date: Sat, 5 Feb 2011 19:38:48 -0800 (PST)
From: kazi noman <nomankazidu at yahoo.com>
Subject: [Koha] localhost
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Dear Community,

I'm getting localhost:80 , but not getting localhost :8080 .I've installed it on 
ubuntu.plz help me.


K F Noman

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Date: Mon, 07 Feb 2011 09:50:36 +1100
From: Bob Birchall <bob at calyx.net.au>
Subject: Re: [Koha] Circulation checkout date incorrectly set
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This has been fixed.  The item type in the item being circulated did not 
match the item type in the issuing rule.  Koha has behaved as it should.


On 04/02/11 17:45, Bob Birchall wrote:
> A school in Sydney has a circulation rule for staff and numerous rules
> for various categories of students.  The default rule takes the (much
> longer) staff issue period.
> When checking out to a student, the return date is set to the date
> calculated from the default rule.  That is, the rule for the specific
> patron category seems to be ignored.
> Koha 3.02.02; circ rules, sys prefs, calendar and patron records all
> appear to be in order.  Nothing in the koha log.
> Has anyone seen this behaviour?
> Many thanks,
> Bob Birchall
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