[Koha] some problems

MJ Ray mjr at phonecoop.coop
Sat Feb 5 01:47:10 NZDT 2011

Nitesh Rijal asked:
> 1. If the database that koha uses is not empty, i.e. it has all the tables,
> then while running the web interface should it ask me for web installer? I
> think it should not, but it is asking.

I think the web interface code will call on the web installer only if
the database version number stored in the database does not match the
version number stored in the code.

> 2. I have made some changes in the database, i.e. added few system
> preferences of my own, for the integration and the table of content thing.
> Also I have added a new authorized value for fulltext link. The problem is
> that after the web installation, system preferences are not there while
> authorized value that I added are there. Is this normal?

No. Are the added preferences no longer in the "Local Use" section in
system preferences?  I have not checked that on a changed Koha here
recently (once a preference is set, it rarely changes).

> 3. I have deleted all the biblio records and biblio items from the database,
> then I imported a new set of marc record using bulkmarc import, using the
> "-d" switch as well. But still the results are shown in the search. After
> deleting the entries in zebraqueue table in the database, the results are
> not seen, but then the count of the result is still shown. Even if there are
> only 17 records in the system, it shows 29 of 17 records. What may be the
> solution to this?

Reinitialise the zebra index? (-r option of rebuild_zebra.pl)

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