[Koha] Koha Digest, Vol 64, Issue 8

Nicole Engard nengard at gmail.com
Fri Feb 4 09:48:15 NZDT 2011

Now that we have as many responses as we do, I can't add a field for
more information (a country name field).  If I were to do that the
first 80+ people to respond won't have entered that info.  We can
certainly add that to the registration form though.  I'm not sure I
understand what you're asking when you say the 'ranking system should
be publicly open.'  Basically once the polls close I'll share all the
results.  For how we're ranking things. If someone votes for a place
as their 1st choice then it gets 4 points, if it's their second it
gets 3 points and so on down the line.


2011/2/3 mohan pradhan <pradhmohan at gmail.com>:
> Dear Nicole Engard and All,
> Thanks for publication of official vote for the location of Koha Con 2011
> and announcing the ranking system. We would appreciate if you could develop
> a system by which country name should also be made mandatory along with the
> Name of Institution. The ranking system should also be made publicly open
> just like the present system. This will make the voting system more
> transparent. There should also be system to give weightage system for
> counting vote. It should be country wise instead of Institution wise.
> Thanks,
> Mohan Raj Pradhan, M. Lib. Inf. Sc., MBA, Ph. D.
> General-Secretary
> Digital Library Network South Asia (DlnetSA)
> Associate Professor
> Central Dept. of Library and Information Science
> Tribhuvan University, Nepal
> Member-Secretary
> HealthNet Nepal

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