[Koha] Advice needed on fixing zebra issues resulting from upgrade

Olugbenga Adara gbengaadara at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 4 01:00:19 NZDT 2011

Hello all,

I am trying to upgrade a Koha installation from 3.0.1 to 3.2.2 I opted to install a fresh 3.2 on Ubuntu, then dropped the database and replaced it with the 3.0.1 database. Koha upgraded the database and though there were some few errors (Duplicate entry 'AllowRenewalLimitOverride' for key 'PRIMARY', Unknown column 'batch_id' in 'labels',  Duplicate entry 'AllowNotForLoanOverride' etc) the upgrade worked quite well as far as I can tell. The installation was using NoZebra and searches work as usual. 

I changed to zebra (which was ok with the original 3.2.2 install), re-indexed but searches failed to work. On investigation, I discovered that the marc21 records in the upgraded database has different marc field mapping compared to the original 3.2.2 install. For instance

Instead of 952$a as permanent location it is 952$d
Instead of 999$c as biblionumber it is 090$c
Instead of 999$d as biblioitemnumber it is 090$d

Now I guess i have 2 options (from my knowledge) to correct this.

Option 1: Change zebra configuration files so that the biblionumber etc will point to my upgraded installation's tags/fields. 

Option 2: Export out the Marc records and edit with markedit. Swap fields tags/fields as necessary and import back into Koha.  

Now my question is which option is the better? or do I have any additional option? if it's option 1, can someone recommend to me the zebra configuration files i need to change? If it's option 2, will other info like an item's check out history be affected?

Suggestions/advice will be appreciated. 

Olugbenga Adara 
Mobile: 234-803-3220288


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