[Koha] multivolumepart?

tajoli tajoli at cilea.it
Wed Feb 2 03:22:02 NZDT 2011

Hi Marius,

On Tue, 1 Feb 2011 14:25:02 +0200, Marius Stoica <mariustoica at gmail.com>
> I work in a library that catalogs separately each volume of a multivolume
> book. I'm testing koha for a couple of days and today I tried to catalog
> multivolume book. We have an ILS in which we can catalog the multivolume
> book as a whole without adding items, then we catalog each volume and use
> the linking bloc 4 (461) from unimarc to link to the set level and add
> items
> to each volume.
> I'm not sure now if this is possible in koha. Am I missing something? I
> apriciate some tips.

Koha in the stable version (3.2.3 now) has a very basic support for this
catalouging workflow.
You need to:
a)Use the standard subfield tecnique (no embedded fields)
b)Insert the subfields $t [title] and $0 [id of record].

Amit Gupta, Savitra Sirohi and I we are working os support of
a tool to make easy the analytical records linking (the reverse of your
situation, a father/host record with items, sons without items).

Jared Camins amd Katrin Fisher are working on an other solution for

So the summary:
a)Now you need to do all by hand and probably the support is not perfect.
b)We are working on a better solution.

Zeno Tajoli

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