[Koha] #koha IRC channel moving to irc.oftc.net:6667

Galen Charlton gmcharlt at gmail.com
Tue Feb 1 09:56:42 NZDT 2011


On Mon, Jan 31, 2011 at 3:50 PM, Galen Charlton <gmcharlt at gmail.com> wrote:
> Given the ongoing outage of the citylink.co.nz IRC server, we're now
> using OFTC for the #koha IRC channel.  To connect, please point your
> client to server irc.oftc.net, port 6667, channel #koha.  This will
> likely be a permanent change, but we can confirm or deny that during
> the IRC meeting tomorrow.

That would be tomorrow if you are Chris Cormack, apparently. :)

To confirm, the next IRC meeting is Wednesday, 2 February 2011 at
10:00 UTC+0.  Apologies for any confusion.


Galen Charlton
gmcharlt at gmail.com

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