[Koha] No circulation or checkout history

Marty ontariowolf64 at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 1 05:31:06 NZDT 2011

I really need some ideas here.
When I drop my koha database and start from scratch, everything seems to work fine, I played around with it and basically have a sample database that works wonderful, including circulation and checkout history.

However, when I drop my old database into the koha database everything seems to work except for circulation/reading history. I understand that information comes from the 'statistics' table. But even if I completely empty the 'statistics' table and start from scratch I do not get circulation or checkout history. 

Both intranetreadinghistory and opacreadinghistory are set to 'allow'

The apache2 error log gives me the following, but that might have nothing to do with it;
Because I am upgrading from a previous version koha wants to update the database, and it returns this error: 

[Mon Jan 31 10:16:00 2011] install.pl: The following errors were returned while attempting to run the updatedatabase.pl script:
[Mon Jan 31 10:16:00 2011] install.pl: [Mon Jan 31 10:15:59 2011] updatedatabase.pl: DBD::mysql::db do failed: Duplicate column name 'privacy' at /usr/share/koha/intranet/cgi-bin/installer/data/mysql/updatedatabase.pl line 3887.

I haven't been able to find duplicate columns named privacy, as far as I'm concerned the only tables named privacy are in 'borrowers' and 'deletedborrowers'

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