[Koha] Author not showing up in catalog or on record.

Estel Porras orlib at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 28 14:57:56 NZDT 2011

Hello all, Just recently we have noticed that the author is not showing up when pulling up a title. You can type in an authors name and the work will show up, but without the authors name. It is really strange. We recently did an upgrade, could this have something to do with that? I was able to fix the authorization so I could add names into the 100 field [thanks to Nicole!] but now am having this problem. Is there an easy fix for this? 

As you can see it is showing the additional author [Carolyn Mackler] but not Jay Asher. 
Thanks for any help.

 Have a great day, ~Estel~
Orland Free Library
333 Mill St.
Orland CA. 95963
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