[Koha] Update on link resolver + Koha?

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I did the original patch but have not had a chance to go back and work on

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Le 14/12/2011 17:50, Owen Leonard a écrit :
>> I was just wondering if any of the developers could provide an update
on the
>> status of link resolver support for Koha.  I read a few posts about
this and
>> see that as of August 2010, the request for link resolver functionality
>> submitted as a bug/patch.
> The original patch doesn't seem to have gained any traction when it
> was first submitted. Since then a lot of Koha code has changed, so it
> would require re-working to get it into a state where it could be
> tested. Since this feature doesn't seem to have any active sponsor
> there was no motivation for it to continue to be updated.
Could I have the patch number ?

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