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How does Koha determine relevance in search results?  Can we adjust this? Ie rank word hits  in title higher value than word hits elsewhere.  I've typed in a few  title search words and was surprised at my results.

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Hello all,

I got a question recently about what fields were searched for the language filter on the advanced search and I was going to add the answer to the manual only to find that none of the fields are defined: http://manual.koha-community.org/3.6/en/searchguide.html#searchguide-advanced

Do we know if there is documentation on this in zebra anywhere? Or does anyone know (in a way that's quick and easy to answer) enough to tell me so I can put something in the manual?

The searching guide that is in there was written for 3.0 and I honestly never changed it because there is way too much about the search engine I don't know and didn't know how to research.

Anyway, if you have some tips, places I should look, or information you want to share please do!  You can just reply to all here or I also welcome patches to the manual - but if you'd rather write it in a document or text file go right ahead. I will credit you for the parts you write of course!

Thanks in advance,

PS. I'm looking for tips that will help the users like the fact that the language index populates from 008 (chars 35-37), and 041adej
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