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2011/12/15 Thippeswamy G.N <thippesh at gmit.info>


How can i take dataBack and restore the database. 

Even I took Data Backup from PHPmyAdmin, but when i try to restore that, it showing the Back file is too big, because through PHPMYADMIN we can restore max(2MB) file. Please give me the proper solution for this. 

Thank you


 You are obviously new to the mailing list etiquette and culture and specifically to the Koha maling list, so here are a couple of pointers to help you get started.

 1. Please snip your posts / replies of unnecessary quotes.

 2. We are not a sexist, solely male-dominated community, so a "Sir"-addressed mail may not get you all the help you are looking for.

 3. PhpMyAdmin is not a part of the Koha software stack, hence the question is Off-Topic or OT on this forum. You are likely to be better served by asking this on on https://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/phpmyadmin-users

 However, since you asked, try saving the db dump file as a BZipped file (it will get you better compression, Zip is known to break) and then try to restore from the .bz2 file. I'm assuming that you are dumping a .sql file

 hope that helps

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 Actually your best bet would be to edit your php.ini file and look for the following setting

 ; Maximum allowed size for uploaded files.
 ; http://php.net/upload-max-filesize
 upload_max_filesize = 2M

 Change that to the file size that you need and restart Apache.

 Randy Rowe
 Lincoln City Libraries I.T.

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