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2011/12/15 Thippeswamy G.N <thippesh at gmit.info>

> Sir,
> How can i take dataBack and restore the database.
> Even I took Data Backup from PHPmyAdmin, but when i try to restore that,
> it showing the Back file is too big, because through PHPMYADMIN we
> can restore max(2MB) file. Please give me the proper solution for this.
> Thank you


You are obviously new to the mailing list etiquette and culture and
specifically to the Koha maling list, so here are a couple of pointers to
help you get started.

1. Please snip your posts / replies of unnecessary quotes.

2. We are not a sexist, solely male-dominated community, so a
"Sir"-addressed mail may not get you all the help you are looking for.

3. PhpMyAdmin is not a part of the Koha software stack, hence the question
is Off-Topic or OT on this forum. You are likely to be better served by
asking this on on

However, since you asked, try saving the db dump file as a BZipped file (it
will get you better compression, Zip is known to break) and then try to
restore from the .bz2 file. I'm assuming that you are dumping a .sql file

hope that helps

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