[Koha] 942 c searching and generating reports

Elaine Bradtke eb at efdss.org
Thu Dec 15 13:24:33 NZDT 2011

The problem:
I need to batch edit a group of biblios, but first I have to find them
and extract a list of their biblio numbers.
All the biblios in question have a common trait: their 942$c is Components
They also do not have item records

But I can't seem to create a report that will do this (my grasp of the
whole report function is rather feeble).
Any advice?

Now for the inevitable weirdness:

I know there are over 70 biblios with Components in the 942$c field.

I created a report that lists all the biblionumbers and itemtypes. The
only Components that report produced were ones that had been manually
entered.  Not the 70+ that came in via a bulk import.
If I search for the items individually by title, etc. they are there
and appear to be normal records.
If I try to limit an advance search to Components, it draws a blank.
Which makes me think there's something fishy going on somewhere.  But
where to look?

Thanks for any help!

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