[Koha] how can i view all the contents of the libary, Please make it more clear

Stefano Bargioni bargioni at pusc.it
Wed Dec 14 21:22:00 NZDT 2011

Maybe the select suggested in the wiki 

SELECT  items.price,items.replacementprice,biblio.title,biblio.author,items.itemcallnumber 
FROM items 
LEFT JOIN biblioitems ON (items.biblioitemnumber=biblioitems.biblioitemnumber) 
LEFT JOIN biblio ON (biblioitems.biblionumber=biblio.biblionumber) 
WHERE items.homebranch=<<Home branch|branches>> 
ORDER BY items.itemcallnumber ASC

could be enhanced using the cn_sort field, that cointains the sort form of itemcallnumber, changing the ORDER BY clause into
ORDER BY items.cn_sort ASC

> There is a report for a complete shelf list on the wiki -
> http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/SQL_Reports_Library#Complete_Shelf_list
> You should be able to use that as a starting place to get what you're
> looking for.
> Liz Rea

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