[Koha] Is it possible to take an XML feed of individual records and bring it into Koha or MARC format?

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Their source XML is in a slightly customized DocBook DTD (not schema) version 4.2. If you are referring to the XML Gartner delivers (our SXML), then that is a proprietary DTD that is included inside of the XML.

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The short answer is "yes." The long answer is, "yes, but you'll probably need to do some sort of conversion." I'd use XSLT for the transformation.

Do you know what schema Gartner uses? If you're lucky, it's something that the Library of Congress already provides a stylesheet for. If not (and it probably isn't, alas), chances are good you'll need a custom stylesheet to take their data and turn it into useful MARCXML (and from there you can convert it into binary MARC, and thence import it into Koha).

Hope that helps.

2011/12/9 Hartman, David W. - GBTS Library <David.W.Hartman at disney.com<mailto:David.W.Hartman at disney.com>>
Is it possible to take an XML feed of individual records and bring it into Koha or MARC format?

Gartner can only send their article records to me as XML …  I don’t know how to get it from XML to MARC..

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