[Koha] KohaCon13

MJ Ray mjr at phonecoop.coop
Thu Dec 8 09:14:26 NZDT 2011

Hi all.  Sorry if the subject line got your hopes up.  I should be
mailing out more news of KohaCon12 in a few days, but apparently
it falls to me as the host of KohaCon12 to start this ball rolling:

Who might be interested in hosting KohaCon13?

This is just an initial expression of interest and doesn't commit you
to anything at this point.  We'd just like to know who's interested
and we'll email you when the time comes to send in actual proposals if
it looks like you may have missed the call.

Of course, personally, I'd love it if we can decide before KohaCon12
next June, formally pass the baton over and then try to start the
process for '14, to make it a bit easier for everyone to budget (both
as attendees and hosts!).

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