[Koha] database migration 3.2 to 3.6

Paul paul.a at aandc.org
Thu Dec 8 05:03:56 NZDT 2011

We have looked in the manual and the wiki and unfortunately cannot find 
details on database migration 3.2 to 3.6.  We have a production server 
using 3.2 with some 15,000 biblios (more items) together with staff and 
patron details, preferences etc.

We have built a new server (Ubuntu 11.10 with mostly Debian Squeeze added 
modules) LAN only. It is not dedicated to Koha, but also serves several 
internal websites and databases.  All is now fully functional, and we are 
at the point of running Makefile.PL (i.e, all Perl, Apache, Zebra, MySQL 
etc has been double checked in preparation for Koha 3.06.01).

We are looking for advice as to:

	- at what stage (before or after Koha installation) should we copy over 
the current kohadb and how should we do this? Preferably we would like to 
rename it to koha306db.

	- is there a detailed write up anywhere on the data migration|conversion 
for the new template usage?

	- any other advice on potential difficulties, errors, pitfalls etc

Thanks - Paul

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