[Koha] 7310 Improving permissions on lists (virtual shelves)

Marcel de Rooy M.de.Rooy at rijksmuseum.nl
Sat Dec 3 06:06:35 NZDT 2011

Somehow I wonder if this message came through on the Koha list today. Resending it: 

If you have a suggestion on report 7310 about lists management, please respond.

Following up on report 7281 (hide lists from OPAC) I am sending the following
question to the ml in order to improve lists management:

1 Who should be allowed to delete a public [closed] list (category 2 only!) or
add/remove items from that list? (Note that removing all items from a list is
more or less the same as removing the list at once.)
My answer would be: the owner should only be allowed to do that in the OPAC. A
user in the staff client may do it too.
[Currently, any opac login can delete the list. This is a bug!]

2 Who should be allowed to delete an public open list (category 3 only!) or
add/remove items from that list?
My answer would be: any login from OPAC or staff. It should be made clear that
creating such a list is really at your own risk ;) Currently, a user in the
opac cannot create an open list. (Is that a bug?)

3 Proposed revisions to lists management:
If we solve points 1 and 2, management of lists comes down to all or nothing.
You can do everything with an open list, but if you are not owning a closed
list, you can't do anything. Would it be useful to have something in between?
Like deleting your own added items from a closed list (we could save
borrowernumber in virtualshelfcontents)?? Or give the owner of an open list the
choice between full access for other logins, adding items only or deleting own
added items?
What do you think?


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