[Koha] 2011-09-02 Global bug squashing day #4

Magnus Enger magnus at enger.priv.no
Tue Aug 30 18:35:45 NZST 2011

Dear Community!

Just a gentle reminder that GBSD#4 is approaching fast:

Please bear in mind that the Release Manager has declared the following dates:
* Feature freeze – 22 September 23:59 UTC – From this point on, no new
features will be considered for inclusion into 3.6.0
* String freeze – 8 October 23:59 UTC – no bugs that change templates
accepted after this point. This allows the translators to translate
without things changing on them

That means we have about 3 weeks for getting any new features in! And
there are (at the moment) 83 (!) bugs/patches waiting to be signed

See one in there that you would like to make sure makes it into Koha
3.6? YOU can help it along by signing off on it!

Of course, we should take every opportunity to sign off patches in the
coming weeks, but why not make a concerted effort on Friday September
2nd 2011 (in your timezone) and see how far we can get, as a team?
Could we cut the queue in half?

Happy hunting!
Magnus Enger

And you don't have to be a developer to help either!

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