[Koha] OpacHiddenItems being ignored?

Richard Hills - TechnologyWise richard at tw.co.nz
Wed Aug 10 14:07:41 NZST 2011


I am hoping someone can help me with this setting as so far no matter 
what I set here I am unable to exclude results from the front end search 

I have set the value of OpacHiddenItems as follows:
restricted: [1]

However restricted items are still coming through in results.

I have also tried the value "restricted: [1,2,3]" incase it was an issue 
with a single item being passed through.

My Koha version is: 3.4.02

Thank you.

Richard Hills
TechnologyWise Ltd, Tauranga, NZ
richard at tw.co.nz
ph: +64 (0)7 571 1060
fax: +64 (0)7 571 1061

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