[Koha] Report coming up short?

Liz Rea lrea at nekls.org
Fri Apr 22 06:29:54 NZST 2011

Try adding a LIMIT <some number way over the top of what you expect for reults> to the end of that report, and see if it works.

Liz Rea

On Apr 21, 2011, at 12:57 PM, Paul wrote:

> Would some kind librarian with more than 10,000 biblios please try running 
> the following Mysql report. I works as expected, except that the csv output 
> truncates at 10,000.  If confirmed, I will attempt to post a bug.
> SELECT biblionumber,
> CONCAT('<a 
> href=\"/cgi-bin/koha/catalogue/detail.pl?biblionumber=',biblionumber,'\">',title,'</a>') 
> AS Title
> FROM biblio
> ORDER BY biblionumber
> Thanks,
> Paul
> Tired old sys-admin 
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