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domingo.arroyo at MCU.ES domingo.arroyo at MCU.ES
Fri Apr 8 19:00:44 NZST 2011

Dear all,
I am Domingo Arroyo and I work for the Library Area in the Spanish Ministry of Culture.
We have been working in order to make an ILS available to libraries of the Central Government.
Last year we evaluated Koha as a possible solution (More information in our repository http://hdl.handle.net/10421/4711 ) and we started the KOHA customization for our libraries with MASmedios (a Spanish company)

Our customization and development is focused on:

-           Spanish (bd content, templates, etc.)
-           Basic features in cataloguing (indicators, 008 and 006 tags..)
-           Translator manager
-           Bugs solution
-           Css and styles
-           Installation (in order to make easier the installation process for individual libraries)
-           Digital repository add-on.

We are involved in Koha community developing (basic features and Bugs solutions ) for future versions of Koha and testing.

We have made a "customized version" and we have named it Kobli (Koha + biblioteca) and it will be available for libraries of the Central Government, and any other one, in a short time. This year at least five Central Government libraries are going to migrate to Koha-Kobli.

We want to continue our work in Koha and our Kobli, so I hope you'll find it interesting and valuable. We are keeping you informed about this project. If you want more information, please contact with:

Domingo  Arroyo
domingo.arroyo at mcu.es

Alicia Sellés
alicia at masmedios.com

Salvador Zaragoza
Salva at masmedios.com

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