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Rachel Hollis Rachel.Hollis at stevenshenager.edu
Tue Sep 28 11:41:57 NZDT 2010

Hi again friends, my geek walked me through the processes, I'm slightly smarter now too! ;-) However we had to restore to a backup as checkouts resulted in a block that could not be clicked through. The block read "Patron has had overdue items and is blocked for [X] days" and the block appeared on patrons with nothing overdue as well as nothing checked out. Our OverduesBlockCirc was set to Ask and we did try Don't Block just in case, but it didn't make a difference.

We did try just the SQL but the resulting blocks to checkouts was the same.

I used phpMyAdmin to run the SQL. There were 6543 row(s) affected. This seemed to take care of the NULL issue as the records checked displayed item images. Then we ran the script from the command prompt and after a long, long time the job competed.

I have noticed that since upgrading to, the item is not NULL when created through acquisitions or cataloging. However editing the item record changes it to NULL. I would suspect that there is something not set up properly in our Koha database. Ideas, suggestions?

Rachel Hollis, librarian
Stevens-Henager College, Boise Campus

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Thanks Chris, I meant to also state that our Koha was recently updated to I verified that item-level_itypes is set to Use the item type of the Specific Item. I couldn't find biblioitems.itemtype in Systems Preferences but under Koha to MARC Mapping > biblioitems itemtype is mapped to 942c. I'm assuming that these are as they should be.

Since I'm just a librarian ;-) I asked my geek to walk me through the Update and Script recommendations you make; she'll be in this afternoon.

Rachel Hollis, librarian

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On 22 September 2010 07:29, Rachel Hollis
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> Greetings colleagues, I have tried to get our Circulation And Fines Rules preferences to work to no avail.
> Recently I ran a Catalog Statistics report and discovered that 6251 out of 6386 items.itype are NULL which probably explains why the Circ Rules aren't working.
> Is there a way to assign or fill the NULL items.itype values with one of our itype values? Even better would be to assign a specific value for each shelving location.
> As far as I can see in the staff interface, the item types (942c & 952y) are filled in. Changing the 942c and 952y does not seem to alter the NULL; the Catalog Statistics report result number does not change. Additionally, any idea how I managed to have so many NULL items.itypes; could it be my adding a space prefix to Description when in Modify Item Type so that alphabetically the most used itype is the first choice?
Hi Rachel

There are 2 things you can check here, do you have item-level_itypes set?
And is biblioitems.itemtype set?

You probably want to item-level_itypes switched on, then to populate them
If so, a good start would be to run
UPDATE items,biblioitems SET items.itype=biblioitems.itemtype WHERE

That will fix the items table, there is then a script in
misc/maintenance called sync_items_in_marc.pl which when run will fix
the MARC to match what you have in the items table.

Hope this helps


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