[Koha] Strange search results behaviour in 3.2

Elaine Bradtke eb at efdss.org
Wed Oct 27 04:46:46 NZDT 2010

While trying out some of the features in 3.2, something weird started to happen.
In the staff interface - I ran a search that resulted in about 40
hits.  I selected six of them. When I tried to save the selected items
to a list, it presented me with a list of completely different titles,
things that were not even in the original hit list. At first glance it
appears that these are random items. Looking more closely, when I
clicked on the record in the brief list, the actual bib record that
came up was for the subsequent title in the imported file. The OPAC is
doing the same thing.
Five minutes ago, everything was working as it should.  It all started
shortly after I downloaded a record from the OPAC.
I'm using Chrome from a PC at the moment, if this makes any
difference. . . Just tested it on Firefox, the same thing happened.
Anyone else notice this? Any ideas on what's causing it??
Elaine Bradtke
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