[Koha] Foundation conversation

Bob Birchall @ Calyx bob at calyx.net.au
Sat Oct 16 14:31:26 NZDT 2010

David wrote:
> from the outside it sure doesn't look 'settled', the issues of governance
> (and more precisely, arguments over such issues) directly involve the
> probability of the product being viable in the future.

Huh?  Where do you get that from?  There is a strong and vibrant project at
koha-community.org with input from around the world (including the USA).  A
US support company runs another project (LEK - which is not open source as
far as I know).  Many people hope that these two can be brought back
together.  But to suggest that is critical to the future of the project
misunderstands how the project works, imho.  

Bob Birchall

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